Good Wednesday morning everyone!

Today I am excited to share with you one of the most simple yet flavourful recipes that has been a favourite of mine for years. It is full of colours, flavours, and textures… you know they say you first eat with your eyes before your mouth! This quinoa bowl is actually what helped initially bring me to the realization that eating healthy, natural ingredients does not have to mean giving up delicious meals that you look forward to. In fact, the more I eat well, the more I indulge in plant-based, wholesome foods instead of the sugar-filled candy and chocolate I had always craved.

This quinoa bowl is perfect for lunches or dinners as complete meals or sides. It is so versatile so you can swap the ingredients for whatever you have in your fridge, and once prepared it can also be kept refrigerated all week (minus the avocado). This said, my favourite time to eat it is when it is freshly cooked and the quinoa, mushrooms, spinach and crispy shallots are still warm.

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Asian peanut sauce stir-fry

Hello Lovelies!

Today I thought I’d share with you a favourite recipe of mine; a stir-fry with broccolini, shrimp (chicken or tofu), and brown rice (or quinoa) in a light peanut sauce that is easy to make, healthy yet mouth-wateringly delicious! I found this recipe years ago in a random magazine on an airplane and have since altered it several times to perfection (in my opinion). I am not usually one to like dishes in a peanut sauce as I often find them overpowering and am not a huge peanut butter fan to begin with. Something about the lightness of this one mixed with ginger, lime, coconut and jalapeño peppers just puts it in another playing field.

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My skincare: Cleansing & Toning

Happy Monday everyone!

Unfortunately for me it has been a long weekend of feeling under the weather…hope yours was more fun and eventful! I have recently shared with you a random collection of my favourite go-to products, so I thought that today I would extend on that a bit and write about my current skincare routine. This turned in to a crazy long blogpost so I am breaking it down in to three parts: cleansing and toning, serums and creams, and lastly exfoliation and masks. For the most part, these are products that I have been using for quite a while, and despite veering off from time to time to try out new products, I often find myself coming back to them. This is most likely going to be a very long post, so grab a snack and maybe a notebook?

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My 3 go-to breakfasts

Good morning everyone!

Today I thought I would share with you my top 3 go-to breakfasts that are quick, easy, healthy and most importantly delicious! I actually do crave them sometimes. I love these 3 options because they are balanced, have protein and give me enough energy to get me through a morning workout or until lunch time without hearing my stomach grumble (though I usually have a light snack between breakfast and lunch). I must admit that from time-time to I use the “it’s Sunday” excuse for my boyfriend to make me some delicious homemade chocolate chip waffles, but in all honesty, I always feel the heaviness in my stomach afterwards…..which ….makes me feel like being lazy. I see this as a good thing because it is okay to “pig-out” every once in a while, especially when it reminds you how good it feels to eat well.

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