Easy Homemade granola

Hello everyone!

One food I love, wether for breakfast or as a snack over Greek yogurt, in almond milk or as a trail mix is granola. I have definitely Β bought my share of different brands on the market but realized that it would most likely be more cost efficient and healthier (no added sugars, salts or preservatives) if I made my own. So I did! After watching numerous YouTube videos and reading recipes I finally baked what I think is an awesome, tasty granola, packed with nutritious nuts and dried fruit.

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Top self-tanners

Hello lovelies,

Since summer is approaching, or has already arrived (at least it feels like it in Montreal), I thought I’d share my top favourite self-tanners. There has been so much hype around tanning products the past few years and I have definitely put a share of them to the test. Personally, I try not to sit in the sun for long periods of time to protect my skin, so unless I want to look transparent in a cute summer dress, I need the help of self-tanners.

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