Fall flats & sneakers

Happy Saturday!

Am I the only one who is saying thank gosh the weekend has arrived?! Here in Montreal, Canada the weather is starting to cool down, leaves are starting to change colours, and it’s time to take out my Fall shoes! Although I love Fall, I’m still a bit in that denial phase that summer has ended and winter is soon on its way, which means I’m slowly transitioning from flats and sneakers to fall boots. Here comes the leathers, suedes, and warm colours!



Sneakers are always on my go-to list, whether I’m having a lazy day or running around town and want to look somewhat put together. Yes, I do believe sneakers can be both comfortable and fashionable! It’s all about selecting the right ones that give enough detail and edge, while still adding a relaxed feel to your outfit. It’s like the “no makeup makeup look”, you appear as though you’re a natural born, relaxed fashionista, despite how much effort you actually put in to getting ready that morning.

Starting from the left, the holy grail white converse; these are a wardrobe staple of mine from the first day of Spring until the first snowfall. I have probably gone through 5 pairs in the past 8 years because I wear the death out of them. They go with almost every outfit, are comfortable, yet classic. My favourite way to style them in the Fall is with boyfriend or skinny jeans, a simple t-shirt, and either a leather jacket or trench. I also own them in black, which I often style the same way, especially with black jeans. Although the white do get dirty more easily, I just find they generally crisp up an outfit in a more simple way. As you probably know, converse come in many different colours so if you are not a nude-colour schemed addict like me, choose your colour and rock it!

I must admit, when I first purchased these Kurt Geiger sneakers in London 3 years ago, I didn’t get much wear out of them as I felt they were too out there for my style. My taste in fashion has always been very simple, and these were slightly pushing my comfort zone. However, it did not take long until they became one of my favourite shoes to wear in the spring and fall. When worn with a simple outfit, they just spruce it up a notch yet still appear classic. I love the look of them with khaki green- either a cargo pant, or a black legging or jean with a cargo jacket or long knit cardigan.

Lastly, here come the frosting to my grey suede cake. I fell in love with these Tubular Defiant Adidas sneakers the second I saw them; they are sleek, yet full of detail. They rock a skinny jean, joggers or yoga leggings, and feel as though you are walking on clouds. If you are a traveler, these will surely be your best friend! Just remember to find the perfect sneaker that fits best in to your style and wardrobe because they will surely be a staple when the weather starts to cool down.



Some may say flats are for summer, but when you try to go as long as possible without wearing socks like I do, flats can definitely be transitioned in to Fall. Loafers are big this year as they add a casual, smart look to any outfit. These greyish-taupe Vice Camuto and camel Coach loafers I purchased this past August at T.J. Maxx. I believe they were only 40-50$ each! The Coach ones are super comfortable and give a lot of support, they also came in a variety of fabrics and colours, including a beautiful suede oxblood colour (which I wanted so badly but they did not have my size!) I find it very difficult to find clothing and shoes in the perfect shade of a rich, not too light not too dark beige/camel, so I absolutely loved these. I also appreciated the fact that the Coach name is not too obvious or obnoxiously advertised on the shoe.

Speaking of big logos, Tory Burch flats have been my go-to flat for years. The quality, comfort and style of these shoes lead me to purchasing them over and over again. Because they are constantly coming out with new styles, you can almost always find them on sale! They go with any outfit. They are the kind of flat that I like to call a no brainer; you do not even need to think about them yet they add a stylish kick to anything you choose to wear. I mostly have them in nudes, except these purple ones and a pair in navy. Yes, these purple ones were quite the leap from my normal colour palette of choice. I think that because they are suede, they add just the right amount of colour and richness to a white, black, or beige outfit, especially in the Fall. Keep in mind to go down a size or 1/2 size if you purchase them in leather as they stretch a lot. Usually the band on the back would dig in to my heel and cause discomfort after a few hours of wear, but I have never had a problem with the back on these Tory Burch ones. In the picture, the logo medallion appears very glitzy but they are actually not, which is why it doesn’t both me. Many style also have a camouflaged medallion in the same colour as the shoe.



I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I love shoes and writing about shoes! Stay tuned for my next post coming up about Fall boots! Comment down below to let me know what your favourite/ most worn Fall shoes are and how you like to style them 🙂

Much love,

Samantha xx




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