Happy Friday tea-drinkers!

The cold weather has kicked in and so has the warm comforting drinks! Although I enjoy a specialty mocha or latte from time-to-time, I have never been a coffee drinker, so teas are my go-to. Finding the right tea is like finding the right shoe; it’s all about finding the perfect type for the perfect occasion/mood. It seems like there has been a tea craze going on the past few years with all the flavours and specialty shops out there. By reading up on tea and trying various types and flavours, you can find a few favourites to add to your collection; whether it’s for waking you up in the morning, giving you that burst of energy in the afternoon, to cozy up with at night and curve cravings, or to help soothe an upset stomach or cold. img_3437

My tea collection is split in to two sections: The everyday/year-round tea and the seasonal/specialty tea. Those in my seasonal collection usually come from specialty shops such as Teavana and David’s Tea. I love how you can test out/smell a variety of teas and how they often come our with new flavours and limited edition collections. Those teas that are part of my everyday collection typically can be found at regular grocery stores. I absolutely am obsessed with the brand Traditional Medicinals as they have so much variety and state the benefits on every box. I am also a fan of Pukka and Tazo.

Seasonal/Specialty Tea


One that has been in my collection for quite a few years now has been Forever Nuts by David’s Tea. Not only does it become a fun pink colour, but when steeped long enough it has the perfect balance between being nutty yet slightly sweet. Not to mention it is also caffeine free, making it a great night option!

Next up is my saviour for when I feel as though I am getting sick or am already ill. David’s Tea Organic Cold 911 is pretty much vapour rub in liquid form. It smells of eucalyptus and is extremely soothing for the throat. Throat Coat by Traditional Medinicals is also a great choice for soothing a sore throat throughout the day but especially before bedtime.

Another awesome David’s Tea flavour (that may be limited edition, I’m not sure) is the Chocolate Chilli Chai. I’ve always loved regular chai tea hot in the winter, and iced in the summer, and this is a great alternative for those with a sweet tooth. Although I am a chocolate addict, I’m not going to lie I was a bit unsure about this tea at first when I saw it in the shop as I usually tend to stay away from artificial flavours. To my surprise, there is not an overpowering chocolate taste but more just a hint of added sweetness to the spicy chai goodness. It definitely smells more chocolatey than it tastes and is great to curve an afternoon sweet craving. Unfortunately it contains a medium amount of caffeine, so I do not recommend drinking it at night for those like me with no caffeine tolerance.

Lastly, I discovered this tea at my local yoga studio as they serve it after each class. If you’re in to those Valentine’s Day cinnamon heart candies, this one’s for you! Drinking this tea is an experience-it’s so warm and cinnamon-y making it the perfect tea to drink wrapped in blankets by the fire on a cold winter night. It’s also caffeine free, which is fantastic because personally this tea is a bit too heavy to drink during the day.

Everyday tea


These teas have been a part of my year-round everyday collection for years. Tazo Chai tea was probably one of the first I have ever bought, thanks to Starbucks! Since college, I used to always order a chai or green tea iced and it was so delicious I began making them at home. There is just something about chai tea that is warm and comforting, whether hot or chilled, that makes it a great tea to drink as a start to your day or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Chai tea contains caffeine so it is definitely not one to drink at night if you’ll have difficulty falling asleep.

Next are my two detox teas, which I keep in this cute box I brought home from London (since I devoured all the cookies inside!) I drink EveryDay Detox by Traditional Medicinals and DeTox by Yogi. Both of these can be found in American supermarkets. I haven’t seen them in Canada, so I always pick up a few when I am in the States. On an average night, these are my go-to pre-bedtime teas as they help me relax and help with digestion. Keep in mind that EveryDay Detox does not recommend drinking it daily for more than a week without a break, whereas Yogi does not recommend using their DeTox tea more than 30 days in a row. For this reason I usually drink it two-three times a week or for 30 days as a cleanse if my stomach’s been acting up or feeling bloated. It is also great that they are both caffeine free! A new addition to my everyday tea collection that I love using at night to help with digestion is Traditional Medicinals’ Smooth Peppermint. Again, it is so calming and a great way to wind down from a busy day or heavy meal.


Hopefully this post was helpful to those of you who are on the hunt to new teas to try, or those of you who are just beginning to experiment with tea. They provide so many benefits and are a great alternative to caffeine or late-night munchies! I am always on the search to try new teas so let me know what your favourites are! Wishing everyone an amazing, relaxing weekend!

Much love,

Samantha xx


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