Lorna Jane Montreal

Happy Monday everyone!

I wanted to update you on a new career path I have taken on recently. As some of you may know, I am a teacher by trade. As much as I love teaching, I have always had a passion for active living and fashion. I came across a brand that was not only a brand but a way of life. This company motivates and empowers women, reminds you that your life is in your hands and you are the one in control. I felt immediately that I had to get involved and help to not only expose people to this brand, but aid in the journey of helping women find their strength and confidence to accomplish whatever it is they dream of.


With that said, I am so excited to be bringing Lorna Jane Active to Montreal, Canada! Not only are their products made of high quality fabrics and technology but their incredibly empowering philosophy makes them unique. Lorna Jane herself created this Australian line to encourage women to live active, healthy lifestyles and to most importantly feel happy and confident in one’s own skin. LJ clothing is athleisure to a T: It is not simply activewear, but the perfect fit for an active lifestyle wether you’re going hard in the gym, hiking up a mountain or grocery shopping.

I cannot wait for this next chapter in my life to get a move on. I hope you will all love Lorna Jane Active as much as I do!

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Much love,

Samantha xx



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